Nicolás Feuillatte

Elegant, convivial, universal, authentic, creative and glamorous... Several ways of describing the Nicolas Feuillate brand. Summing up its essence in a single word, it would be “challenging”.
Still only in its third decade, its abundant freshness provides energy for every challenge, act of daring and innovation.

The cooperative status of the Centre Vitivinicole – Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte has the unique advantage of the wealth and diversity of its fruit supplier, guaranteed by grape growers with a unique <<savoir-faire>>. Their unrivalled position allows the brand access to more than 2,250 hectares of this unique vineyard (7% of the total of champagne vineyard); with its northern position, climatic conditions where Atlantic and Continental influences converge, planting on the slopes and a wide variety of parcels.

Nicolas Feuillate is working in the quest for the finest quality, respecting nature and expressing the true character of the terrier. Picking manually also enables the growers to select only the finest grapes, and in so doing provide the winemakers with incomparable, unparalleled quality.

Grapes are harvested exclusively by hand to keep it intact until they enter the press, thus guaranteeing the quality of the juices and avoiding oxidation at all costs. The CV-CNF’s fruit supply is thus sourced from 13 of the 17 Champagne Grand Cru vineyards, 33 of 42 Premier Cru and 259 of 320 other Crus from the Champagne appellation.

From the Marne Valley to the Côte des Bar via the Saint-Thierry Massif, Mountain of Reims, Côte de Sézanne and the Ardre Valley, le CV-CNF can rely on the professionalism and exacting standards of more than 5,000 grape growers.
Since 2005, Nicolas Feuillate is the most consumed champagne in France and the 3rd in the world. One of the Nicolas Feuillatte goals for next years is to become a renowned member of the Spanish market. It has been one of the main incentives for being an allied for Familia Belasco in Spain.

Nicolas Feuillate Wines


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